'Bomb Threat' Causes London-Bound Flight From Abu Dhabi To Divert

Two Royal Air Force jets were scrambled to accompany a flight headed from Abu Dhabi to London's Heathrow airport after a 37-year-old British man onboard allegedly started making threats.

The plane, operated by Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways, landed safely under escort at Standsted airport, north of London.

The man was arrested. Police did not disclose the nature of the threats.

There were no injuries in the incident.

Officials say two RAF Typhoon fighter jets escorted the flight. Operations at Stansted were suspended while the plane landed.

There were reports the passenger was drunk and said he was carrying a bomb.

The plane was diverted because of a "disruptive passenger who had been making inappropriate comments," an airline spokeswoman tells Reuters. "There had been no direct threat to the safety of the plane."

A Reuters photographer on the plane, Paul Childs, says the captain came on the speaker and said a verbal threat had been made.

"A member of the cabin crew said he had made a bomb threat," Childs says.

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