GameCrush Now Allows Gamers to Play Women for Free

GameCrushWhen WalletPop last left GameCrush, the beta plan seemed ickily effective: Guy gamers pay 60 cents a minute to play video games via webcam with good-looking women, often in skimpy clothing. It seemed to work. The servers reportedly melted under severe demand. News organizations applauded the idea as a twisted sort of genius.

But just one problem for GameCrush: The guys kept picking the same gorgeous few among 10,000 "PlayDates" and those hotties couldn't keep up with the demand. (How much God of War III can one woman play in a sports bra?)GameCrush has come up with a solution and it's FREE. We love that word. The way it jams your two front teeth into your bottom lip. The very thought of not spending any money. But we digress. GameCrush this week introduced Crush-O-Matic, a system to randomly match the site's clients with the "PlayDates" and allow them to play for nothing. The intent is so that previously overlooked "PlayDates" will now get a look-see and thereby eventually move into a pay-to-play arrangement. The more "PlayDates" deemed attractive by the legion of lonely joystick enthusiasts, the more income for GameCrush and for its clients. Oh yeah, and more choice for less for the players.

"We know a lot of users on site, but they're all going after the same 10 hot girls," GameCrush co-founder Eric Strasser said to WalletPop. "They all can't play the same thousand guys. What about the other girls waiting to be matched up?"

Strasser said play on Crash-O-Matic evolves into a "speed date situation." Perhaps the World of Warcraft Call of Duty: Modern War 2 vixen's profile wasn't so great, but a gamer could soon discover a diamond in the rough if he tries her once for free. If he wants to play her again, then he has to pay if the PlayDate wants to change the rules of engagement.

"It's the same as if you're in a bar buying someone a drink," Strasser said. "What do you use to get to know someone? A drink. We're just trying to replace the drink with the game."

The site has toned down its sexuality on the surface. Play modes no longer include "flirty" or "dirty." Now players engage in zones called academy (for learning and sometimes even platonic guy-to-guy play), arena (more competitive), arcade (for more casual games such as chess, checkers, even conversation) and -- mysterious, creepy music, please -- the edge. "If you're going to have a more racy experience, that's where you'll find it," Strasser said.

The site doesn't allow nudity in the profiles or indecency that makes one party uncomfortable during game action, but what two consenting adults do with a webcam stays in the webcam. "There's still not as much 'show me your boobs' as what games you play," he said of the nudity. "Being realistic, it's impossible to say there isn't any. Any adult in a cam session can have a level of nudity. You can't stop it."

Of course GameCrush wants to stop the possibility of nudity.

The payscale has remained the same since its September launch. Playdates keep 60%, GameCrush gets the other 40%. GameCrush has about 1,000 frequent users who pay, and a gallery of more of than 10,000 looking to be paid to play.

Strasser mentions that GameCrush pays a far better ratio than the porn industry. Porn sites, he said (and we'll have to trust him on this one) charge $4 an hour for webcam interaction and leave employees with a measly 25%. "We are not an adult site model," he said. "We're more game site and more community ... more next door neighbor."

My neighbor has yet to promise to remove an article of clothing for every game I win (like one PlayDate promises in her profile). I guess my neighbor just isn't Crush-O-Matic material.
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