Gain your rightful place in the yearbook with Liberty High on Facebook

Most of us (those out of high school, anyway) probably remember high school as one of two things - either the worst time of our lives, or the best. If you are a member of the former group, a Facebook game called Liberty High has its sites set on you. Liberty High can be most-easily described as a semi-clone of Mafia Wars, and the game will allow you to relive your high school days (albeit virtually) in order to earn a better spot in the yearbook, and the adoration of all of your classmates.

Gameplay is mostly text-based, although you are allowed to create a real avatar for yourself (hair, eye color, clothing options, and so on). Your character will level up over time, earning more Energy, Confidence points, and Health points, and you'll be able to use those points in a variety of activities, like completing school missions (separated into Academics, Art, Athletics and Fun categories), flirting with the school's cutest boys, and having face-offs with your rivals.

All of these elements have comparisons to activities that you can complete in Mafia Wars, so if you're at all familiar with Zynga's crime-themed game, you'll get along just fine here, regardless of the variance in themes. For a complete look at everything Liberty High has to offer, meet us behind the break.First and foremost, you'll use your energy points to complete Activities. These activities each require varying amounts of energy to complete, and reward you accordingly with social status points (the game's experience points) and even money. You can complete activities multiple times, in order to master them (you'll receive medals - bronze, silver, etc. - for completing them). Interestingly, some of these missions require more than just energy to complete, as you'll also have to use health points. It's a unique take on the gameplay formula, but we're not sure how much sense it really makes. After all, why should your health go down because you're writing a paper for class? But I digress.

That design choice aside, you'll need to spend money that you earn to purchase items required for these activities, like books, laptops and other school supplies. Once you get tired of doing activities (or you run out of money), you can try to help your character in other areas, like love and their overall social life.

The "Flirting" portion of the game is split into three sections - Crushes, Admirers, and Invitations. You can have a crush on other real world players in the game, and you can try to date those characters to earn boyfriends (invitations are sent to these players, that they must accept). Other players can ask you to do the same, and they can become your admirers. The game will also randomly assign you invitations from boys at the school (Edward Cullen apparently attends Liberty High) who would like to date you.

Where Mafia Wars offers fighting amongst real world players, so too does Liberty High, but these are called "Rivals" and "Vendettas." Going up against a rival is a one time thing, unless you'd like to keep pummeling them while they're down, while Vendettas allow you to retaliate against users that attack you while you are out of the game (ie: defenseless). These fights can be customized to your liking, depending on how mean you'd like to be to that particular person. You can hold popularity contests between the two of you, challenge them to a food fight, a dance off, or even an arm-wrestling match, with insults and screaming also available as options, among many others.

You'll earn cash and experience points if you win battles, but you'll lose Confidence points (Stamina) if you lose. You can use that cash either to purchase activity-related items, as mentioned above, or you can shop for items that instantly refill portions of your energy or confidence bars, in order to keep playing the game longer in a single session.

All told, Liberty High has some technical problems, including a weirdly echo-ing soundtrack (that can easily be muted), but if you're looking for a girl-centric Mafia Wars clone, that will very easily have you dominating over your as-of-now fairly light competition - this might be one to look into.

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