FrontierVille: Snowy Trees now appearing on Homesteads


Just as we had a transition from lush, green trees in summer to red and yellow trees for fall in FrontierVille, it looks like Zynga has finally transitioned the game fully into winter, as Snowy Trees have now started appearing on users' Homesteads.

This appears to be a slow rollout, as most users on the FrontierVille forums are reporting that they either A) haven't received snowy trees at all, or B) only one or two of their completely new trees have grown in to be snowy trees.

Meanwhile users like wngschic have posted screenshots of an entire Homestead's worth of snow covered pines and oaks. These trees are only different visually - they still function the same, are capable of bringing out bears, and will reward wood when chopped down - they just happen to be either leafless, in the case of the Oak, or covered in snow, as it is with the Pines.

[Image Credit: Forums user wngschic]

What do you think of these new FrontierVille snowy trees? Do you think it's too late for Zynga to be making a switch, or is better late than never really true here? Let us know in the comments.

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