Fighting Fuzz Balls: How To Breathe New Life Into Old (and Fuzzy) Sweaters

tools of the sweater de-fuzzing trade
tools of the sweater de-fuzzing trade

Nothing says, "I-threw-this on-and-hoped-I-wouldn't-run-in-to-anyone-I-know" more effectively than a sweater covered in fuzz balls. Unfortunately it can happen to the best of them.

After getting a great deal on a cardigan at usually-pricey Anthropologie's after-Christmas sale, it began "pilling" or breaking out in fuzz balls, almost immediately. It was devastating -- in a fashion sort of way -- and so began a personal quest to fight fuzz, frumpy looking sweaters and financial waste.

Caused by friction, and short fibers breaking apart within the yarn, "pilling" is the equivalent of knitwear hives, or being visited by the ugly fairy. Poof. There goes a cute sweater, not to mention the clothing budget.

To save money and restore my newly-beloved cardigan to its "tags-on" glory, I decided to consult the experts. WWMD? (What Would Martha Do?) And could Heloise really help?