CityVille Sneak Peek: First set of RewardVille items revealed

Over the past week, we've been keeping you up-to-date on Zynga's newest "RewardVille" website and promotion. As we've told you in the past, RewardVille will reward players of almost all of Zynga's games with zCoins / zPoints as they continue to play a selection of Zynga's titles on Facebook (including CityVille). These zCoins will be redeemable for prizes (both new and old) in your favorite games, giving incentive to the entire project.

While we've already discovered what the rewards will be for FarmVille players, CityVille Feed has uncovered some of the items that will apparently be coming to CityVille's portion of the rewards program, as they have discovered a new screenshot from the website.

There will apparently be at least eight items made available through RewardVille, all of which are unlocked at a series of increasing level intervals, with these particular items being unlocked from zLevel 40 - 70. Apparently, there are two other pages of rewards, as the screen above says that this is page "3 of 3", but here's the rundown of the items that we do know about:

Jeans Store - 120 zCoins
DVD Rental Store - 120 zCoins
Lamp Store - 110 zCoins
Clock Tower - 130 zCoins
Coastal Rowhouse - 120 zCoins
Downtown Flat - 140 zCoins
Skyrise Heights - 160 zCoins
Stepped Skyscraper - 200 zCoins

As usual, it's anyone's guess as to when these items will be made available to all CityVille players, but keep checking back with us, as we'll make sure you're the first to know - we'll also be back with all of the details on how to level up in RewardVille, and what other prizes will be made available in your other favorite Zynga games.

[Image Credit: CityVille Feed]

What do you think of these prizes? What items do you think are being given away on the other two pages of rewards? Let us know in the comments.