The Dating Game: Will the groovy game show find new life on Facebook? [Interview]

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This week, we learned that the classic 1960s game show The Dating Game is going to be revived in the form of a new social game on Facebook as well as other big social networks in the next few months. If you're, ahem, old enough to remember the show, than this game will seem all-too-familiar, right down to the groovy clothing and Flower Power graphics. Oh yeah, and those cheeky questions that always made contestants blush? Those are back too -- the only thing missing is the game's original host, Jim Lange. (For more details, read our Dating Game on Facebook preview.)

We chatted with 3G Studios CEO James Kosta to see what's in store for what's certain to be one of the more unique TV game show spinoffs on Facebook.

What made you decide to revive The Dating Game as a Facebook game? Are you trying to start a dating service for Facebook of sorts? Or, since you can create avatars that might not look like you, is this just a clever way to flirt?

On Facebook and other social sites, most of the lengthy conversations that take place are about relationships. People love to share their views on who their friends should be with, how their friends can improve their relationships and even when their friends have unrealistic expectations. If we're in a relationship, we may want to learn more about what makes our partner happy. The Dating Game is a fun way for friends to learn about each other and explore their preferences and quirks.

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If you're not looking for a date/way to flirt -- what will be the incentive to play this game?

There are great services out there for introducing people; arguably Facebook and these social sites already do that. The Dating Game is a conversation starter for friends to explore their likes and preferences. Do your friends really know what makes you tick? Let's find out!

Will this game be as cheeky as the original Dating Game TV show? Will there be other similarities to the classic game show?
One of the most memorable things about The Dating Game TV show was the cheeky humor and the laughter. No one took it too seriously and dozens of film and TV stars were on the show. No dating TV show has since matched that popularity. The Dating Game is about the game of dating and all the uncomfortable moments that make it humorous and endearing.

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Will this game be one you play with other people who are online at the same time? Or is it more like FarmVille, where you can play with friends whenever you want?

The game is turn-based so your friends do not need to be online at the same time as you. The Dating Game will be played in rounds and a game can last several days depending on the participants availability, so players will be encouraged to have multiple games going simultaneously.

What is the target audience in the game -- and will there be an age restriction?
The Dating Game is targeted to anyone who enjoys witty banter, probing conversation topics and insightful answers. If you've ever laughed at a pickup line or tried to give dating advice, you will love this game. I think everyone will find something to like.

There is no real age restriction. Social networks such as Facebook have their own age restriction which is 13. None of our content will be inappropriate for players under the age of 13, so we set that standard and keep it in mind when developing content.

What kind of features do you expect to add to the game as times goes on?
We have a lot of plans for The Dating Game. We will be introducing new features throughout 2011. The game is launching very small, and we expect to add content and features on a weekly basis, [such as] additional in-game content (clothing, accessories, questions). There is a possibility of new game modes in the future as well.

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