New CityVille Buildings: Middle School, Modern Art Gallery, Appliances Store, & Laundromat


If you've reached the level cap in CityVille (and have run out of things to buy), or are perhaps just looking to for new things to build in your city, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has launched four new buildings in the game - two businesses and two community buildings.

The two businesses are the Appliances Store and Laundromat. The Appliances Store costs 25 City Cash, and earns 405 coins after being supplied with 90 goods. Meanwhile, the Laundromat costs just 5,000 coins, and earns 515 coins by default, after being stocked with 115 goods. As one final note, you must have at least 1,100 citizens in your town to unlock access to the Laundromat.

Meanwhile, the two community buildings are the Middle School and the Modern Art Gallery. Both of these are fortunately available for coins, but the Modern Art Gallery is only available to those who have reached level 60, while the Middle School is available at level 32. The prices reflect these differences in level requirements, as the Middle School costs 27,500 coins to build and adds 800 citizens to your total maximum population, while the Modern Art Gallery costs a whopping 200,000 coins. For that price, your population cap will increase by 1,900 - a nice investment piece, if you are a high enough level, and can actually afford it.

All of these new items can be found in the game's store, under the "New" section, and currently come with no time limit. Save those coins and those City Cash, and we're sure that you'll be able to afford all four of them in no time.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Do you have enough population, or have you reached a high enough level to build some of these projects, or will you have to save up some more coins before purchasing them? Let us know what you think of these new buildings in the comments.