Martha Stewart Homes: Eco-Friendly or Eco-Fraud?

martha stewart
martha stewart

Martha Stewart, who is putting her stamp on a new green home community outside of Windermere, Fla., unveiled a 2,669-square-foot, single-level show home last week at the International Builders Show in Orlando.

Dubbed the KB Home GreenHouse: An Idea Home Created with Martha Stewart, it is the Los Angeles-based builder's first net-zero energy home, meaning it is intended to produce more energy than it consumes over the span of a year.

All in all, the show home has about $70,000 in upgrades, which leaves some critics questioning whether or not middle America will be able to afford to go so green. "[A]ll those great energy-saving options are just expensive add-ons," sneered, "making the whole exercise something of a bait-and-switch."