It's Not Your Work That's Weighing You Down: It's Probably Your Co-Workers

drain at work
drain at work

If you're like most people, 2010 was a long, exhausting year. You're tired, depleted, and quite frankly just done with "business as usual." You're laying the blame for your fatigue squarely at the feet of the increased responsibilities and long hours you faced. But according to Jon Gordon, you might be wrong.

He insists that working hard -- when done with a good attitude in the right environment -- can actually be quite invigorating. In other words, what's wearing you out at work might not be the work.

"Most people wrongly assume that their tasks and responsibilities are what's grinding them down," explains Gordon, author of the newly released 'Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture.' "However, while 'work' is a convenient scapegoat, the real culprit is often the negativity of the people you work with and for, their constant complaining, and the pessimistic culture that is now the norm in a lot of workplaces."