FrontierVille Mystery Animal Crate reveals Seals, Swans, and Frogs, oh my!


It's been a while since the FrontierVille market has been updated with anything other than new buildings, but luckily, we have a new item to purchase (if you're willing to shell out some Horseshoes to do so). The new item is a new round of the Mystery Animal Crate, with this crate offering you a chance at winning one of nine animals; three each of Seals, Swans, and Frogs.

Each animal is available in three colors - here's the rundown:

Seals: Brown, White, and Gray
Swans: White, Black, and Pink
Frog: Marigold (yellow), Lilac, and Green

Each individual crate can be purchased from the store for 35 Horseshoes. As usual, it is entirely random as to which animal you'll receive from purchasing a single crate, and if you're hoping to receive more than one of these animals, keep in mind that you may end up with duplicates, before you receive a new animal. I hope you have a lot of Horseshoes to go around!

This Mystery Crate will be available in the store for the next 10 days. Good luck if you try to collect them all!

Which of these three animals are you hoping to receive from the Mystery Crate? And in which colors? Let us know if you succeed in the comments!

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