FrontierVille Fanny's on the Prowl Missions: Everything you need to know

In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, Zynga has launched a new series of missions in FrontierVille surrounding the school teacher, Ms. Fanny Wildcat and her search for love out on the great frontier. This mission series contains three new quests to complete, and is called "Fanny's on the Prowl." For some time now, we've been wondering whether or not Fanny would make her feelings for Hank (revealed during the New Years Party even) known, and boy howdy, it looks like she just might.

These missions will have you clearing trees, collecting fire, collecting items with friends, planting crops, and buying decorations, so make sure you've saved up a little bit of everything (wood, coins, food, etc.) before taking them on, to have as little trouble as possible when completing them. As usual, we're here to help you along the way, so meet us behind the break for a full look at these new missions and how to complete them.

The first mission of this three part set is called "A Stinky Situation." Apparently, someone tossed a live skunk onto the school grounds, and you'll need to clear out the smell before things get worse. There are three tasks here, which are fairly easy for those who have a few trees on hand.

Chop Down Five Trees
Have or Get Five Fire
Customize the Schoolhouse

You'll be able to craft Fire in the Covered Wagon for 7 pieces of wood and 5 Cloth each. As for the trees, you can simply chop down saplings that only require a single chop for them to count. Remember, if you need trees, rather than paying for them in the store, go into your Collections menu and turn in the Pine Tree or Oak Tree Collections - each rewards you with a free sapling.

The rewards for finishing Part 1 are 1,000 XP, a Basketball Hoop Decoration and 500 coins. You'll be able to share free fire with your friends as a bonus.

Part II of III is called "Get the Lady a Drink" and it asks you to help Ms. Fanny Wildcat kill some time while waiting for the Skunk smell to disperse from the previous mission. You'll have to collect some items, and harvest some corn in order to do this.

Collect 10 Birch Barks
Harvest 20 Corn
Have One Stove

The stove is a collectible item from the Cabin Collection, and the corn can be harvested after eight hours. Remember though, you can also ask four of your friends to come over to your Homestead and water your 20 planted Corn - simply come back to your own Homestead and accept their tending to your crops and this will count as harvests, even though the crops are still growing (it may take a bit of coordination on the part of yourself and your neighbors, but it can help you save some time all the same). Finally, the Birch Barks are received by posting a general wall post to your news feed asking your friends for help.

The rewards for Part II are 1,000 XP, a Birch Beer Barrel decorative item and 500 coins.

Finally, Part III of this set asks you to decorate your land for a bit of an impromptu party.

Place 5 Hay Decorations
Collect 10 Jig Music's
Collect 1 Schoolhouse Bonus

After finishing this final mission, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Banjo (formerly a Horseshoe only item costing 48 Horseshoes) and 500 coins.

And there you have it! Three missions will apparently help Miss Fanny Wildcat get one step closer to finding love out on the prairie. Do you think these missions are too difficult - the reward too little? Let us know in the comments.
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