FarmVille Sneak Peek: RewardVille items unearthed from the farm

RewardVille Rewards FarmVille
RewardVille Rewards FarmVille

It looks like RewardVille is slowly being made available to players (finally), because FarmVille Freak has uncovered a long list of rewards that FarmVille players can enjoy by increasing their zLevel through the new RewardVille program. Some of the items are brand new, others revisit previous themes and some are just plain useful. The items below are mostly decoration, but the Lychee Tree makes a return for those who missed out before.

  • Mt. Duckmore: 72 zCoins

  • Blue Birdhouse: 58 zCoins

  • Lychee Tree: 48 zCoins

  • Matterhorn: 96 zCoins

  • Stagecoach: 80 zCoins

  • Adobe Cottage: 77 zCoins

  • Horse Post: 80 zCoins

  • Porch Home: 120

FarmVille RewardVille rewards
FarmVille RewardVille rewards

This second set of items contains several more buildings, but also a set of 50 Fuel Tanks is available to get some better use from your zCoins.

  • Bamboo Bridge: 100 zCoins

  • Fire Station: 110 zCoins

  • Large Fuel: 130 zCoins

  • Covered Bridge: 120 zCoins

  • Lighthouse: 120 zCoins

  • Curiosity Shop: 140 zCoins

  • Coastal Hideaway: 150 zCoins

  • Tree Mansion: 200 zCoins

As you might be able to tell in these screen shots, there will be at least a zLevel cap of 70 to start. It's unsure when the RewardVille program will be available to all farmers, but as soon as we get access you'll be the first to know.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

What do you think of the rewards from the RewardVille program so far? Do these make you interested in playing other Zynga games to get the most zCoins? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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