Facebook games parody spreads with Cow Clicker Blitz

Cow Clicker Blitz
Cow Clicker Blitz

Famed game scholar and designer (and satirist) Ian Bogost has taken the next logical step with the Cow Clicker franchise and released the Cow Clicker API. According to Bogost, developers can now use the Cow Clicker platform to add "cowclickification" for seamless bovine integration into their mobile applications, web apps and software products. Because every website could use more cows.

Bogost, claiming that cowclickification is the future of branding, says," Leverage the intrinsic motivation of cow clicking to improve user experience and retention! Anything you can click you can cow click. It's free and easy like all the other useless crap you can do online." Just like in the original game, players can earn one click every six hours across their favorite cowclickified (whatever that means) websites, but can earn cow clicks faster by paying up in "Mooney" using Facebook Credits.

To demonstrate the power of the Cow Clicker API, Bogost has launched Cow Clicker Blitz, an obvious goof on Bejeweled Blitz. I guess he just thought it could use more... cows. In fact, clicking the gems in Cow Clicker Blitz ends the one-minute long game instantly. Click cows in rapid succession to increase your score, but watch out for those dastardly gems. But alas, you can only submit your score once every six hours unless you want to pay up in Mooney.

Kotaku reports that this was the natural progression for the trend in clicking virtual cows. "People don't just want one chance to click a cow every six hours," he said. "They want as many opportunities as possible to click a cow every six hours."

What do you think of Bogost's apparent opinion of social games? Is everything really better with more cows? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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