Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

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Got a sweet tooth? Here are four places in the U.S. to satisfy that craving – in a fun, colorful way.

PEEPS & Company Retail Store

Holy PEEPS, Batman! This store, which is based in National Harbor, Maryland (a very pretty place to visit indeed) is completely dedicated to that yellow marshmallow chick – and all its colorful counterparts since they're not just for Easter anymore.


Get your sweet tooth fix at one of these (bizarrely punctuated) candy shops. They have three big, bang blow out stores in the U.S. (Los Angeles, Atlantic City, and Myrtle Beach) and dozens of smaller "sugar rush" and "sugar fix" shops around the world. If you go to the one in Atlantic City, make sure to check out the replica of Lucy (a 65-foot wooden elephant from neighboring town Margate) made entirely of jelly beans.

Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

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Dylan's Candy Bar

Founded by the daughter of fashion dude Ralph Lauren, Dylan's Candy Bar is a candy store for grown ups. Not that it's X rated, but it's made with adults in mind. The latest location to open inside the Grande Traverse Resort & Spa in Michigan is 1,300 sq.-ft. of pure confection: 18-foot chocolate wall, 100-bin bulk candy display, 21 flavors/colors of M&Ms, 24 flavors of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Lollipop trees that are over three feet tall, which are only topped by an eight foot Chocolate Bar Tree. Other locations include New York, NY; Garden City, NY; East Hampton, NY; Orlando, FL; and Houston, TX.

Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

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M&M'S World

There is more than one M&M'S store in the world, but we're focusing on the one in Times Square because it's insane – in a good way. M&M'S everywhere throughout the 25,000 sq.-ft. store, along with shirts, lunchboxes, hats, and anything else you can imagine bearing the M&M'S name and faces of those sweet round guys from their television ad campaign. Other locations are in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL. Yum.

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