FrontierVille Barber Shop Collection now available

Along with yesterday's launch of the Barber Shop in FrontierVille comes the release of a new Barber Shop collection that is available to complete in the game. There are five items to this collection, as usual, and you'll be able to earn these items by completing tasks pertaining to the Barber Shop in the game (that is, whacking the frame as you build it, or collecting Daily Bonuses).

The five items are:

Straight Razor
Bow Tie
Hot Towels
Comb Sanitizer
Hydraulic Chair

As usual, turning this collection in will earn you some nifty prizes, in the form of a Barber Shop Pole (if the actual pole that spins on the Barber Shop itself isn't enough for you) and 10 Cloth. This entire Barber Shop feature has been great for users who are low on cloth (most wall posts for completed missions reward free cloth), and it's great to see a permanent source of free cloth being made available via this new collection.

How close are you to completing the Barber Shop collection in FrontierVille? Do you think you'll really need two Barber Shop Poles, or should the prize have been something else? Let us know in the comments.