FrontierVille: 50 Horseshoe prize returns for New Years Resolution missions


Apparently, Zynga does pay attention to users, at least when it comes to giveaways of free Horseshoes in FrontierVille. After the outcry concerning the many changes of Horseshoe prizes for finishing the New Years Resolution goals (see below), the developer has decided to scrap all changes and go back to the way things were at the beginning - finish all six New Years Resolution goals before January 31, and you will receive 50 free Horseshoes.

For those that weren't with us earlier this month, the rundown of events was as follows: At the start of the month, all users were promised the same deal - finish the missions and receive 50 Horseshoes. Almost instantly after their release, Zynga changed the event so that only those who finished before January 14 would be the lucky recipients of 50 Horseshoes, while the January 31 deadline was changed to 20 Horseshoes. The backlash surrounding the change (users felt, understandably, like they were being ripped off), has resulted in this (hopefully) final change.

As a special note, if you were one of the users that only received 20 Horseshoes, because you have finished all six missions, but it was sometime between January 14 and today - don't panic - Zynga will be sending you another 30 Horseshoes to get you up to the 50 Horseshoe prize along with everyone else.

If this doesn't offer some major incentive to finally get around to growing those 50 Oxen, I don't know what will. Let us know if you're going to get around to finishing these missions now the prize is rightfully back where it belongs in the comments.