FarmVille Winter Wonderland Items: Gift Shop, Baby Seal, Klondike Train & More


In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of a whole slew of building and decorative items in the game's marketplace. These items all fit into the current Winter Wonderland / Alaskan inspired limited edition item set, and come in the form of two new buildings, along with some new decorative items (including the train that we brought you a sneak peek of earlier today).

The two buildings are the Gift Shop and the Totem House. The Gift Shop is a coin-only item, but it's definitely one of the most expensive items we've seen, being priced at 500,000 coins. Granted, you do receive 5,000 experience points when purchasing the house, which is a great incentive, but the price seems too high for most farmers (including this farmer) to bite. Meanwhile, the Totem House costs 25 Farm Cash. You'll receive half of the experience points as with the Gift Shop, at just 2,500. Both of these buildings will be available in the game for the next 13 days.

Next come the decorative items, of which there are quite a few. Meet us behind the break for a look at these new decorations, including the new Klondike Train set.