FarmVille Sneak Peek: Seal, Cream Saddle Horse, & Indian Runner Duck


If you're into collecting animals in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that we've come across three new unreleased images of animals that will likely be coming to the game in the future. The first, the Seal (or perhaps called the Ice Seal) will likely be the first one released into the game out of the three, due to the current Winter Wonderland theme of limited edition items being available in the store.

The other two animals are the Cream Saddle Horse and the Indian Runner Duck. For both Horse and Duck lovers, this will apparently give you one of each animal to add to their respective animal storage buildings (the Horse Stable or Duck Pond). As of this writing, however, we haven't come across images of a Cream Saddle Foal, so it is also possible that due to the horse's functional appearance (it is dressed up with a gear, after all), this could be simply a decorative animal and not one that could actually be bred.

Either way, we'll be sure to bring you guys all of the details about these new animals if and when they are officially released in the game. Remember though - there's no guarantee that they will be released, so keep that in mind.

Which of these three animals is your favorite? Why do you think the Cream Saddle Horse is dressed up so fancifully? Could it have a function, other than being a normal horse? Come speculate with us in the comments.

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