FarmVille Model Farm is nothing but a big old Farm Cash shop

Model Farm
Model Farm

Well, if that isn't a tad underwhelming. Featured in a previous Sneak Peek post, the Model Farm feature in FarmVille could have been anything. It had the potential to be a brand new feature where players could build the farms of their dreams or plan new layouts before making real arrangements. Instead, the Model Farm is nothing more than a preview of what's already available in the Market.

Upon visiting the Model Farm, you'll notice that nearly every item has a price tag. Of course, this is because each item in the Model Farm is available for immediate purchase. In fact, clicking each item opens up the same preview window found in the Market. We imagine the Model Farm will periodically be updated with new items as themes come and go.

Sure, players get a daily bonus item or coins for visiting and it's cute to see all of these decorations hanging out together, but shopping was fine where it was. Especially since the Market got a recent makeover. Be sure to give a visit to the Model Farm daily for those extra bonuses, but don't stay long unless you're packing some serious Farm Cash.

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