FarmVille: Goji Berries return, thank your fellow CityVille neighbor

Goji Berries
Goji Berries

Say what you will about Zynga, but they've been doing well on making good on their promises recently. Just like Zynga said it would, the company has brought Goji Berries back to FarmVille. The previous deal Zynga made with its fans was if CityVille gained another 100 thousand players, it would reintroduce the famous crop to FarmVille.

And just like that, Goji Berries are back for another 17 days. The crop costs 15 coins to plant and harvests in 16 hours for 126 coins and 2 XP. Not a bad investment at all, if you ask me. Even if you've already mastered the Goji Berry, it's tough to find another 16-hour crop with such high yield. So, set those 16-hour alarms and enjoy the bountiful XP harvest while it lasts.

Will you be planting Goji Berries for the next two weeks in FarmVille? How do you plan on thanking your CityVille neighbors? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.