Download FarmVille Game Bar to receive Toggenburg Goat


Back in May, Zynga attempted to sweeten the deal associated with the FarmVille / Zynga Game Bar, and offered players a free Toggenburg Goat if they would download the toolbar to their browsers (normally, the prize is free Farm Cash). Unfortunately, most players never actually ended up with this free goat. To kick off the new year (and apparently make up for past sins), FarmVille Pro has spotted the fact that Zynga has "re-released" the Toggenburg Goat as a free prize for those that have yet to download the Game Bar on their account.

It seems like the most sure-fire way of receiving this as a prize for installing the Game Bar would be to install it using this link. Those that have already installed the Game Bar, or those that have uninstalled it after installing it previously may have problems receiving the Goat, so this offer isn't available for everyone.

As a reminder, the Zynga Game Bar will allow you to keep track of your crops, letting you know when they're ready to harvest in FarmVille, and will also reward you with various items in the other Zynga games that you play (free fruit in Treasure Isle, and so on). It's worth downloading, for those that play multiple Zynga games on a regular basis, but it is only available to download on Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 3.6+. Other browsers are currently unsupported.

It's likely that this Toggenburg Goat will only be available as a prize for a short time, so if you've yet to install the Game Bar, now might be the right time to do it.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Pro]

Do you use the Zynga Game Bar? Do you think a Goat is a better prize for downloading than Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.