Cafe World Graduation Party Goals: Everything you need to know

No, you're not seeing things, the amount of new missions being released in Cafe World really does seem to be never-ending. Just when you thought graduation would be the last we'd see of the Cooking Academy, Zynga releases a four-part "Graduation Party" goal series, that will have you decorating your cafe for the party, serving some dishes, unlocking an entirely new recipe (that is later used in a Catering Mission), collecting items, and more, all in the name of celebration after finishing your in-game work at the Cafe World Cooking Academy.

As we said, this is a four-part quest line, which will likely take you multiple days to complete. If you're ready to take part in another multi-part goal set, meet us behind the break for a complete look at the tasks required and prizes awarded for completing all four.

Part 1 of this new goal series is called "Get Ready to Party," and it asks you to purchase a few items to make your cafe look the part - you can't have friends coming over to celebrate your graduation without having a few balloons and streamers, after all. There are three tasks to complete to start:

Buy 5 Bunches of Balloons
Buy 2 Wall Streamers
Have 4 doors in your Cafe

All of these tasks are relatively simple, so long as you have quite a bit of spare change to go around. Each Bunch of Balloons costs 75,000 coins, and is available to purchase from the Decorations portion of the store. The Wall Streamers are even more expensive, going for 125,000 coins each. The four doors, then, can be any kind of door that you'd like, so long as you have four doors placed in your cafe to trigger the ending of the mission (they can later be removed and sold, if you so choose).

The rewards for this first goal are 250 Cafe Points and 5,000 coins.

Now that your cafe looks the part, you'll need to start serving some food to your guests, and in Part 2 of 4, "Serve the Sweets," you'll do just that by completing the following three tasks:

Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 16 times
Ask for 8 Chocolate Pecan Pies
Serve 20 Chocolate Pecan Pie servings

Unfortunately, yes, you will have to ask your friends for the 8 Pecan Pies, but the Chocolate Cream Pie can easily be cooked on your own in 10 hours for 445 coins per pie.

The rewards for serving these sweets are another 250 Cafe Points and 5,000 coins. You'll also unlock Part 3 of these four goals, with part 3 introducing an entirely new recipe to the game.

Part 3 is called Pass the Dip! and it asks you to collect the ingredients required to prepare your new, currently locked dish the Artichoke Dip. Unfortunately, you'll need to collect enough items that this might take you more than one day to complete.

Ask for 10 Cups of Mayo
Ask for 10 Cups of Parmesan Cheese
Ask for 10 Cups of Chopped Artichoke Hearts

Like we said - that's a whopping 30 items that must be collected just to unlock a single dish, but if you can achieve the goal (even over multiple days), you'll be able to unlock the Artichoke Dip recipe, which can be cooked for just 67 coins, so long as you are level 10 or above. The dish cooks in just 5 minutes, at which point you'll be able to serve 10 servings for 13 coins each, for a return of 130 coins.

This Artichoke Dip is a required recipe in the new Graduation Party Catering Order, and coincidentally enough, you'll need to finish that order as the final step required in this Graduation Party goal series - Part IV, which is called "Cater to the Grads!"

That's right, this mission has but one requirement - finish the Graduation Party Catering Order. You can check out our complete guide on how to finish this mission, but don't panic - you can finish the mission at any star rating to complete this quest. Doing so will offer you the reward of the Floating Party Sign, an item that otherwise costs a whopping 50 Cafe Cash, if purchased separately from the store's Decorations tab.

And there you have it - a goal series that is, all things considered, not terribly difficult. Collecting the 30 ingredients necessary to complete the "Pass the Dip!" goal seems like it will easily be the most time consuming process, unless you are a lower level player that will have difficulty collecting enough coins to purchase the required decorations at the beginning. Either way, good luck in your attempts at not only finishing these goals, but also the Graduation Part Catering Order - if history has taught us anything, we might need all the luck we can get.

[Image Credit: Cafe World Wiki]

What do you think of this new set of Goals in Cafe World? Have you given up on graduating from the Cooking Academy, or are you still plugging along as normal? Let us know in the comments.
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