Cafe World Graduation Party Catering Order: Everything you need to know


With all of the work we've put into making our way through the Cooking Academy in Cafe World, it's about time we were able to celebrate our graduation with a party in the game. However, this party comes in the form of a Catering Order, which will likely lessen the appeal for some users.

The Graduation Party Catering Order asks you to "cater to the grads" and will reward you with a new themed cake, if you can complete the order within the three day, three-star time limit. This mission only asks you to cook three dishes, but you'll need to complete the accompanying Graduation Party goals (see our complete guide at the link) in order to unlock one of these three dishes. This is one of those cases when the task itself is fairly simple, but unlocking it in the first place will be difficult, as you will, of course, have to finish the many, many Cooking Academy goals in order to "graduate" in the game, and unlock the new dish required for this order.

If you aren't threatened by a challenge, meet us behind the break for a complete look at how to complete this new mission in the time limit provided.