12 Things That Will Cost Less in 2011

The Kindle will cost less in 2011
The Kindle will cost less in 2011

We've become used to the inexorable progress of prices, until we've come to expect that the price of things will only go one way -- up. So why should it be any different in 2011, as the market waits fearfully for the first signs of inflation? It's comforting, then, to run across a list of items that will actually cost less in 2011.

The list, from Beth Pinsker of Dealnews, features some mouthwatering tech wanna-haves, along with some can't-live-withouts. From the iPhone to GPS units, laptops to game systems, this list provides price guidance for anyone contemplating such a purchase in 2011. A little patience, it appears, can pay off big-time.