10 Makeup Sins Not to Commit at Work

Victoria Snee
Victoria Snee

The term "dress for success" has been used to death these days, but only as it applies to your wardrobe. Did you ever consider applying it to your face as well? Each day, millions of American women look in the mirror and go through a makeup routine that may or may not be doing them favors at work.

"I'm asking women to dig to the back of their medicine cabinets and get real about the ugly truth: They have gotten talked into buying products that they don't know how to use that they never even wanted in the first place!" said Dallas-based beauty expert and radio/TV personality Victoria Snee. In her recent book, 'The Beauty Buzz,' Snee advises women how to look professional and polished without breaking the bank.

Snee made a list of the 10 Most Common Makeup Sins Women Commit at Work, exclusively for AOL readers.

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