Zynga officially responds to FarmVille item collection limit


Earlier today, the tempers of FarmVille farmers everywhere were set ablaze by the news that a new item collection limit was being imposed on news feed prizes. The new limit is 125 items per day, with this number resetting to zero every day at 9:00 PM PST.

After much outcry from users on the FarmVille forums, claiming that all users should not be punished for the few that use automated collection software (the reason for the introduced item cap), FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious has responded on behalf of the developer about the new item cap (and a second limit that is being put into place), including why it has been created, and what Zynga plans on doing about the many farmers who are questioning their decision.

The entire response is quite lengthy, so meet us behind the break for a full rundown, including quotes from Lexi herself.