Zynga limits FarmVille item collection, farmers raise pitchforks in protest

farmville protest

To be honest, we're kind of miffed too. It was discovered by several FarmVille players today that Zynga might have instated a limit on the amount of items we can collect in FarmVille within a single day. After collecting several items from News Feed posts and from the Zynga Message Center, players have received the above message. It unapologetically reads, "Hey farmer! You've claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!"

The thread is a whopping 18 pages long (and growing) and is filled with infuriated, fed-up farmers, many of which claim to be leaving the game as a result. According to several forum users including GinaBones, Zynga has limited the number of collected items to 125 daily. Namo2, a forum user who is upset over the lack of communication, said, "if there's a limit, Zynga-Farmville should at least have posted a sign to let us know what the limit is."

FarmVille Item Collection Limit

Players including Aldann suspect that the change could be targeting users of a popular third-party application called Snag Bar. Created by Gamers Unite!, Snag Bar automatically collects News Feed bonuses and supplies the rewards to the user's FarmVille account. Many consider the app cheating and a primary motivator behind this unwelcome change. "You are punishing ALL of your honest players for the actions of the snaggers," said player QueenChristine. "Do you not understand that those of us that have 30-40+ active neighbors can claim 125 items easily within 20 minutes or less at times?"

While the 18-page thread has quickly devolved into a debate over the legitimacy of Snag Bar, it appears that Zynga has yet to publish any information explaining the change. We've contacted Zynga for comment, so stay tuned.

Check out Zynga community manager Lexilicious' official statement on the change.

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Have you experienced the limit on item collection in FarmVille yet? Why do you think Zynga introduced this limit and how do you think the company can best handle the backlash? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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