The Dating Game on Facebook to spark social gamers' flames soon

The Dating Game
The Dating Game

If only this game could emulate the look of sheer depression on those mystery daters' faces way back when. Developer 3G Studios has acquired the rights to the classic 1960s game show, The Dating Game, VentureBeat reports. And what better way to respect a legendary franchise than transforming it into a social game? The Nevada-based studio is taking a gamble with an aged franchise, many of which tend to flop on Facebook. But with experience creating social games like Brave Arms and hit console games like Rock Band in collaboration with Harmonix, it seems like 3G is prepared.

The game, set to launch in the first quarter, will allow players to create their own avatar and partake in what will essentially play out like the original show. Three contestants will answer questions asked by a mysterious man or woman. The mystery contestant will decide which of the three to take on a "date" based on their answers.

If you ask us, this better mean real time interaction with other players or The Dating Game on Facebook will likely fail to live up to the original. While we certainly shouldn't count 3G out too soon, what do you think keeps social games like Wheel of Fortune ticking?

Beyond this, details are scarce, but if you're already psyched about this game just from reading this post (it's OK, we all get a little lonely sometimes), you can sign up for pre-release updates and receive 200 points and two Hearts. Whatever that means.

[Image Credit: 3G Studios]

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