New Edgar Allan Poe Movie Rumored to Take Place in Baltimore

John Cusack's announcement
that he'll be playing the famous (and troubled) Edgar Allan Poe in the upcoming movie, "The Raven," sent flutters of followers searching for release dates on Twitter. As Cusack prepares for what we anticipate will be a rather dark film, we've gathered together a few cities where Poe fans can embrace their favorite tales and journey into the abyss that Poe so magically created through words.

Baltimore: The movie, "The Raven," is rumored to take place in Baltimore. Director James McTeigue told the Cinematical, the movie "is about the fictionalized last five days of Edgar Allan Poe. There's a serial killer loose in 1850s Baltimore who's killing people in the manner Poe kills people in his stories." Poe's Baltimore home at 203 Amity street is now the Baltimore Poe House and Museum.

Boston: Poe was born in Boston in 1809. While the city itself remains relatively void of Poe memorabilia (mainly because Poe shunned the city in his later years), the city honored the writer by renaming the corner of Boylston and Charles streets Poe's corner on what would have been his 200th birthday.

Philadelphia: Poe and his wife lived at 532 North Seventh Street in Philadelphia, today known as the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. Like much of his works, the house exudes an eery and mysterious quality about it, but it's worth taking a stroll down the street to feel the presence of Poe.

As for Cusack fans, there's no release date on the movie yet. But, if you need a little fix, we suggest you rent a few Cusack classics like "High Fidelity," "Runaway Jury," or "Pushing Tin," for some serious character casting.

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