Job Help for Single Moms

Moms and Jobs Two former Dow Jones executives in the Boston area have launched a program to help poverty-stricken single moms. Moms and Jobs (MoJo), the brainchild of Tom and Darr Aley, provides sustainable employment opportunities, complete child-care coverage, and career development for single mothers wishing to work in the apparel manufacturing sector.

MoJo uses most of its profit from sales of its products to help finance these and other benefits. The remaining balance is used for purchasing raw materials and hiring new employees.

"The economics of a single-parent family mean that single mothers are disproportionately represented among the poor," says Katlyn Schultz, a Dakini co-founder who is designing MoJo's 2011 Winter apparel and accessory product line. "Among U.S. households headed by single mothers, 27 percent live below the poverty line, compared to 12 percent of male-headed families. MoJo is helping to eradicate this pervasive social problem through business innovation."

Part of that innovation involves providing child care to workers. "Women with dependent children comprise two-thirds of the poor population. A big part of the problem is that daycare costs for even one child can consume the majority of a woman's salary, making it feel difficult to justify returning to the work force from a personal and financial standpoint," says Darr Aley, co-chairman of MoJo. "We are excited about Dakini's involvement and hope that together we can help revolutionize apparel manufacturing in the U.S. with the coverage of these vital benefits."

All this, and their products -- which include men's, women's, and children's fleece jackets, vests, turtlenecks, mittens, hats and scarves -- are environmentally friendly too! The Dakini-designed line utilizes recycled materials manufactured by Polartec, including their recycled stripe microfleece and 300 Series fabrics.

The company launched its first manufacturing facility in Lowell, Mass., in July 2010 and is quickly growing, attempting to hire more single mothers. They intend to expand their facilities across the country, including their next next planned venture in San Francisco (slated for later this year), where they already have a business office.

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