FrontierVille: "That action will take 1 extra energy"... but not really


We've come across something pretty interesting in FrontierVille recently. By now, most everyone will have accidentally (or perhaps purposefully) clicked on a red-highlighted object on their Homestead, that is being made to glow by a Varmint. When doing so, you'll receive a pop-up [pictured] that tells you:

Watch that Varmint pardner! That action will take 1 extra energy to perform.

Most people, myself included, probably instantly close this window and then proceed to attack whatever Varmint has caused a block in your progress. What happens though, if you really hit "Accept?" Sure, the window says that you'll have to pay 2 energy, rather than 1 to complete the task in question, but we've recently discovered that this isn't the case at all.

In fact, you can click on, trees, grass, rocks, thorns, and more, all of which are glowing red, and still only have to pay 1 energy to clear them from your land, regardless of where the Varmint happens to be on your Homestead. Sure, you'll have to click on the "Accept" button on this above pop-up for each task you'd like to complete, which does make it a bit of a time-consuming process, but if you're the type that likes to save your Varmints for missions that require them, or if you simply want to stop wasting energy on disposing of Varmints, you can definitely use this method to your advantage.

It should be noted that this doesn't appear to be a solitary occurrence, as other FrontierVille players are experiencing the same "glitch," if you will, on their own Homesteads. How long will it be before Zynga changes this to a true "2 energy per one action" situation? Only time will tell, but feel free to take advantage of this ability while you can.

Are you able to skip the extra energy step on your Homestead? Do you always scare off your Varmints, or do you like to keep them on-hand for missions? Let us know in the comments.

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