FrontierVille Barbershop: Everything you need to know

Barbershop Menu
Barbershop Menu

Remember when Zynga asked us on the forums whether Hank, the General Store manager, needed a makeover? Well, the majority's answer was "Yes," so FrontierVille will soon see a brand new building, the Barbershop. This is where players will likely be able to give Hank and possibly other storyline characters new looks in addition to their own avatars. While the Barbershop will have Goals attached to it like most new buildings, putting this brand new building together will not be exactly like those before it.

In fact, it's even more work than before. After purchasing it from the Market and whacking it a few times for one Energy and 7 Wood per whack, players will need to collect these building materials from their friends:

  • 5 Razors

  • 5 Dye

  • 5 Smocks

  • 5 Sinks

  • 5 Tilers

  • 5 Plaster

This is all seems pretty standard, and it is. But unfortunately, we're not out of the woods yet. It seems as if FrontierVille is taking a cue from CityVille in requiring pioneers to fill their Barbershops with staff members. Just like in CityVille, your friends will be those staffers. So, on top of requesting 30 items from your friends you will need to request an additional five friends to fill these spots: a barber and the four parts of a barbershop quartet (lead, tenor, bass, baritone).

Once this is finally complete, you will be able to use the building. As an added bonus, the quartet will sing after collecting the Barbershop Daily Bonus. You know, for all that hard work you did. It's understandable why Zynga went this route with buildings in FrontierVille, but it doesn't exactly get me thrilled to start this arduous project. Tacking on even more requests to a building isn't exactly the way to make things exciting, but if this experiment goes well, expect more where this came from.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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