FarmVille Valentine's Day Theme Showcase [Video]


Confirming the FarmVille Sneak Peek we brought you earlier today, Zynga has released a FarmVille Valentine's Day Theme Showcase video on their official YouTube channel. The video shows off just a handful of items that will be released presumably later this month and on into February, to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.

Seen from our Sneak Peeks are the Tunnel of Love, the Heart Sheep, the Hot Pink Duck and the Heart Cow. There are two new items included as well, including a lovely silver fountain that has two Swans perched at the top. The fountain of course animates with water falling over the top. The other item is a stationary gazebo, surrounded by some greenery in the form of bushes and what appears to be small flowers.

As usual, there's no telling when these items will officially launch in the game, or how they will be made available (purchase in the store, Mystery Game, free gift, and so on). It's presumable that most of these items will be released to purchase in the store, so save up your Farm Cash and your coins if you want to make sure you can purchase them all.

What do you think of these new Valentine's Day items in FarmVille? How many coins or Farm Cash would you pay to purchase some of these from the stores? Let us know in the comments.