FarmVille Valentine's Day Missions: Everything you need to know

farmville valentines day missions cute family red sheep, gentle ram, pink sheep

In conjunction with the new Cupid's Castle building in FarmVille, a three-part Valentine's Day mission has rolled out as well. These missions are relatively easy to complete (a big chunk of them involves completing the Castle) and when you're finished, you'll have extra coins, extra XP and this adorable family of Valentine's-themed sheep (see above).

Below are the three parts of the Valentine's Day missions. One thing to do right away -- plant 100 Red Tulips. You'll need to harvest them to get past part two.

MISSION #1: Looking for Love

farmville looking for love

Buy 1 Pink Rose Stand
Place Cupid's Castle on your Farm

100 XP
Red Sheep

MISSION #2: A Suitor Comes A-Callin'

farmville valentine's day missions

Get 6 Chocolates (Ask friend to send you one via Wall post)
Place 4 Parts in Cupid's Castle
Harvest 100 Red Tulips

250 XP
5,000 Coins
Gentle Ram

farmville valentines day suitor rewards

MISSION #3: What a Cute Family

farmville valentine's day missions cute family

Complete Cupid's Castle 1
Get 6 Tulip Bouquets (Ask friends to send 'em via a Facebook Wall post)

500 XP
7,400 Coins
Pink Lamb (plus one to share with friends)

farmville valentines day missions cute family rewards

And... that's all folks. For now anyway. Looks like this might be the first round of Valentine's Day missions this year, based on the hint above that says "Maybe we can do more of this sometime soon!" Maybe, indeed.

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