FarmVille Cupid's Castle: Everything you need to know

cupid's castle
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Valentine's Day has come early to FarmVille -- in the form of a new building project (as we mentioned a few days ago). When you log into the game, you will be presented with Cupid's Castle, a giant pink and red love palace along with a relatively simple three-part Valentine's Day mission.

First thing's first, place the castle frame on your property. The castle's pretty big, so if you don't have room to place it right away, then you can find it later in your gift box.

farmville cupid's castle frame

Once you place the castle, you will (no surprise here) be required to collect building materials to complete the castle. The castle is a multi-level construction project and you'll need a total of 39 Wooden Boards, 39 Nails and 39 Bricks to build it and expand the castle fully.

Break down the building supplies per level and it looks something like this:

Level 1 - 12 parts total: 4 Wooden Boards, 4 Nails and 4 Bricks
Level 2 – 45 parts total: 15 Wooden Boards, 15 Nails and 15 Bricks
Level 3 – 60 parts total: 20 Wooden Boards, 20 Nails and 20 Bricks

farmville cupid's castle

As per usual, materials can be acquired by doing the following:
  • Ask neighbors to send you materials by posting a message on your Facebook news feed
  • Buy parts using Farm Cash (either individually or altogether)
  • By opening Special Delivery Boxes
cupid's castle farmville valentines day

There are three levels to Cupid's Castle and once it's complete ... you will eventually be able to harvest Cupid's Castle for
Valentine's Day-themed gifts, which are still TBA at this point.

cupids castle three stages

In addition to the Castle, there is a three part mission that accompanies the whole building process. For in-depth details on what tasks you'll need to complete (most of which involves completing the castle), see our FarmVille Valentine's Day Missions guide.

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What do you think about Cupid's Castle building combined with the new missions? You dig it? Got any tips on how to get it built fast? Leave a note in the comments. Add comment.
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