FarmVille Cheats and Tips: Infinite Breedings for Multiple Foals

farmville infinite horse breedings cheat
So you've looked at our FarmVille Cow & Calf Breeding Guide or our Horse & Foal Breeding Guide and decided what animals you want to breed. Maybe you've even started breeding cows and horses by harvesting your Dairy Farm, Nursery Barn, or Horse Stable once a day. But you've noticed some of your friends are posting dozens of foals a day, and you're looking to get a little more serious about breeding horses and cows in FarmVille. But how exactly do they get so many foals? They do it by using the FarmVIlle Multiple Breedings Cheat.

FarmVille's Multiple Breedings Cheat allows you to harvest your Horse Stable an infinite amount of times and potentially breed multiple foals a day. The Infinite Breedings Cheat is a technique that only works with horses and the Horse Stable. Sorry cow breeders. This is because the Horse Stable automatically takes on the ready status of the last horse put inside. So even if you just harvested your Horse Stable, if you put a ready horse inside, you can re-harvest the stable. This makes the FarmVIlle Infinite Breedings Cheat possible, and allows horse breeders to post multiple foals for their neighbors every day.

Continue reading to learn how to use the FarmVille Multiple Horse Breeding Cheat.
farmville infinite horse breedings cheat
Before you start breeding horses with the Infinite Breedings Cheat, you're going to need:

  • Horse Stable
  • One stallion
  • Horses that you want to breed into foals
  • A large amount of seeder horses that are between 34% and 99% ready to harvest (The more seeder horses you have, the more times you can harvest your Horse Stable)

Follow our step by step instructions and you should have no using the Infinite Breedings Cheat. You'll be breeding horses and foals like an expert in no time. Check it out:

Step 1
Place your stallion in the Horse Stable. You never have to remove your stallion.

Step 2
Decide which horses you want to breed into foals, and then place them into your Horse Stable. You don't have to remove these from the Horse Stable until you decide to breed different horses. Remember, place your stallion and breeding horses into the Horse Stable before your seeder horses.

Step 3
Place one seeder horse that is between 33% and 99% ready, into the Horse Stable. This will make your Horse Stable ready to be harvested.

Step 4
Harvest your Horse Stable and post the reward or foal on your wall. A good horse breeder is always generous.

Step 5
Remove the now un-ready seeder horse from your barn and repeat the process until you have no more seeder horses left to breed with.

If you decide you want to breed different horses start again at Step 2. If you want to keep breeding foals with the horses you already have inside your Horse Stable, repeat the process starting with Step 3.

ProTip: The more of a type of horse you have in the Horse Stable when harvested, the higher chance the foal produced will be of that type. So it's best to only use one seeder horse at a time and have lots of rare horses in the stable to reduce the chance of your foal being the offspring of the seeder horse.

ProTip: If you want to share your foal with specific people, when you go to share your foal, click the lock next to the publish button and select Customize. Set the post to only be visible to Specific People and select the people you want the foal to be available to. Then publish.

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