FarmVille Cheats and Tips: Infinite Breedings for Multiple Foals

farmville infinite horse breedings cheat
farmville infinite horse breedings cheat

So you've looked at our FarmVille Cow & Calf Breeding Guide or our Horse & Foal Breeding Guide and decided what animals you want to breed. Maybe you've even started breeding cows and horses by harvesting your Dairy Farm, Nursery Barn, or Horse Stable once a day. But you've noticed some of your friends are posting dozens of foals a day, and you're looking to get a little more serious about breeding horses and cows in FarmVille. But how exactly do they get so many foals? They do it by using the FarmVIlle Multiple Breedings Cheat.

FarmVille's Multiple Breedings Cheat allows you to harvest your Horse Stable an infinite amount of times and potentially breed multiple foals a day. The Infinite Breedings Cheat is a technique that only works with horses and the Horse Stable. Sorry cow breeders. This is because the Horse Stable automatically takes on the ready status of the last horse put inside. So even if you just harvested your Horse Stable, if you put a ready horse inside, you can re-harvest the stable. This makes the FarmVIlle Infinite Breedings Cheat possible, and allows horse breeders to post multiple foals for their neighbors every day.

Continue reading to learn how to use the FarmVille Multiple Horse Breeding Cheat.

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