FarmVille Cheats and Tips: Cupid's Castle gifting links

farmville cheats cupids castle gifting links
farmville cheats cupids castle gifting links

Hello Farm-folks, It's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know.

Today's gifting links are for FarmVille Cupid's Castle. Cupid's Castle has come a little early, but FarmVille wants us all to have it finished by Valentines Day. Eventually we will be able to harvest Cupid's Castle for Valentine's Day gifts, but for now, all we can do is admire Cupid's exquisite architecture.

Cupid's Castle is an epic, love-filled fortress and it requires a ton of supplies to complete. So, even though you have lots of time to complete Cupid's Castle, I've provided you with the FarmVille Cheats & Tips: Cupid's Castle gifting links to ensure your castle is totally finished by Valentines Day. You're going to need the following amount of Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks to complete Cupid's Castle:

Level 1 - 12 parts total: 4 Wooden Boards, 4 Nails and 4 Bricks
Level 2 – 45 parts total: 15 Wooden Boards, 15 Nails and 15 Bricks
Level 3 – 60 parts total: 20 Wooden Boards, 20 Nails and 20 Bricks

So what are you waiting for? Get started using my FarmVille Cupid's Castle gifting links to send the parts to your neighbors, then link them to this page so they can return the favor. Using these gifting links, you'll finish your castle in no time.