FarmVille Breeding Guide

farmville breeding guide
Cow and horse breeding is a feature of FarmVille overlooked by many. Because of how complicated breeding in FarmVille can be, only a select few players actually breed foals and calves. Fortunately, with our FarmVille Breeding charts, guides, and information, you too can be use the multiple harvest (infinite breedings) cheat and become a FarmVille breeding master.

By breeding horses and cows into foals and calves in FarmVille, you'll earn you a fortune, make your neighbors happy, and amass an impressive collection of foals, calves, horses, and cows. A calf or a foal can be gifted to neighbors, harvested, or matured into an adult horse or cow and used to breed it's own offspring. A foal or calf can also serve as a valuable collectible to show off to your friends. Those with strong collections of cows and horses are highly respected in the FarmVille community.

It's time to join the ranks of the elite FarmVille players, the breeders, and learn how to breed calves and foals. That's where our FarmVille Breeding Guide comes in. Whether it's the Multiple Breeding Cheat, our Nursery Barn Guide, our Cow Breeding Guide or our Horse Breeding Guide; our charts, information, instructions, and guides contain everything you need to know about breeding foals and calves in FarmVille.

Check out our FarmVille Breeding Guides below:
farmville horse breedingFarmVille Breeding:
Horses & Foals Guide
farmville cow breedingFarmVille Breeding:
Cows & Calves Guide
farmville breeding nursery barnFarmVille Breeding:
Multiple Breedings Cheat
FarmVille Breeding:
Nursery Barn Guide
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