Zynga lobbies for FarmVille subsidies in clever parody news piece

FarmVille subsidies cartoon
Something like this could probably really happen knowing the absurdity of the Internet -- parody technology news site TechPuma reports that Zynga has hired DC lobbying firm "Wendrick, Struggles, Bowdin and Lippinsky" to push for corn, cattle and fertilizer subsidies for FarmVille in an upcoming online food bill. Of course, nothing in this social game lobbying (get it?) story is real, but it sure does make for a good laugh, doesn't it?

Apparently, the bill was due for a vote in Congress on Jan. 15 to decide on online food quality issue and Facebook working conditions. TechPuma goes on to report that conditions are harsh on Facebook farms in FarmVille, forcing neighbors, family and friends to share labor while owners take breaks. (Those mouse clicks sure are rough on the wrist, boy. No, seriously.) The site mentions that because a majority of FarmVille workers reside outside of the U.S., Zynga may not even be eligible for subsidies.

According to TechPuma's coverage, Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt will vote against the bill and said, "This is America, not some some third world country. We must pay our workers a fair wage and ensure that they have decent working conditions." It's one of the better FarmVille parodies I've seen and is written so well that those out of the know will probably interpret this as real. I can't imagine the amount of e-mails both Zynga and Capitol Hill are about the receive.

At least one person, Simon Dumenco, has had the mind to take the idea of FarmVille subsidies seriously. Last year, Dumenco wrote a piece for Advertising Age, suggesting that the U.S. government pay people not to play FarmVille in a bid to increase real world productivity and combat the recession.

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