The Monkeys are Back to Help You Find a Job

career builder monkey Finding a job is certainly not monkey business, but CareerBuilder has been so successful at bringing attention to their job-search site by using chimps in their Super Bowl commercials that they're bringing them back again this year. Not only that, but they're also bringing out new and improved ways to make a monkey out of your boss and co-workers.

The chimp commercial is slated to air during the third quarter of the 2011 Super Bowl, to be played in Dallas. The chimpanzees first appeared in CareerBuilder's ads during the company's Super Bowl debut in 2005. The campaign drew both award-winning critical acclaim and popular votes with the American public and returned even bigger in 2006.

After a five-year hiatus, the chimpanzees are back at work at Yeknom Industries (monkey spelled backwards), creating chaos and high jinks for the only human employee in the firm. From a business trip gone awry, to an unorthodox fire safety meeting, to a "car sandwich" in the company parking lot, these chimpanzees are all about monkey business.

The 30-second spot is one of three new commercials developed in-house that will appear at various venues throughout the year. They are designed to appeal to people in less than ideal work situations and inspire them to find a better job with the tag line "Start building."

"Over the years, we've heard the same question countless times from both employers and job seekers: 'When are the monkeys coming back?'" said Richard Castellini, chief marketing officer for CareerBuilder. "People loved that campaign and the message resonated well with our target audience. With the job market poised to be stronger in 2011, unemployed, underemployed and unhappily employed workers will be on the lookout for new job opportunities. We thought this was good timing to bring the chimpanzees out of retirement and tell more stories from a celebrated campaign that everyone can relate to in some way."

But the monkey campaign is about so much more than commercials. There are also three online components that CareerBuilder will launch over the next few weeks:

  • Monk-e-Mail – Hailed as one of the most successful viral campaigns of all time, more than 160 million Monk-e-Mails have been sent to date, since its launch back in 2006. CareerBuilder is working with Oddcast to soon unveil a 2.0 version of Monk-e-Mail, which enables users to send messages featuring talking monkeys to unsuspecting co-workers, friends, and family. Users can choose from a variety of backgrounds and accessories in addition to voice options and share via social media options as well.
  • Monk-e-Maker – For anyone who's ever felt like they work with a bunch of monkeys, CareerBuilder and Oddcast are also launching a new viral program that enables users to upload pictures and see what their boss, co-workers, social networking contacts would look like as a monkey.
  • Yeknom Facebook Game – In this new game, players fight their way up the corporate ladder at Yeknom Industries by completing work tasks such as getting coffee or washing the boss's car. As the players work to advance, there are mischievous chimpanzee co-workers, causing mayhem aimed at throwing the player off their career path.
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