Supermodel Facebook game by LOLapps gets the axe Jan. 31

Supermodel: The Game
Supermodel: The Game

Well, it was fun while it lasted, right? LOLapps has decided that Supermodel: The Game had a good run on Facebook and will shut down this Jan. 31. The game, which launched in April 2010, has held onto just over one thousand players since its release. Upon logging into the game, players will find a somber message from the developers informing them that the game will no longer be playable by the end of the month. The team thanks its players, but reminds them that any purchases made in the game are non-refundable regardless of it shutting down.

It's unfortunate that when compared to the studio's current hit, Ravenwood Fair, Supermodel is expectantly a wasteland.Taking on the gameplay model of games like Zynga's Mafia Wars, Supermodel was essentially a roleplaying game in which players assumed the role of a supermodel. Just like the games that inspired it, players can focus on a series of statistics to level up and take the game's various tasks.

Unfortunately, the game amounts to a list of buttons to click with even less animation than Mafia Wars and the like. In it's prime, Supermodel enjoyed sponsorships from major brands like Barbie, Modelina, and Express through virtual goods and in-game advertising, but sadly just couldn't garner the player base to make those investments worthwhile. LOLapps official reasoning for closing down the game? "Going forward we feel this is the right choice as it will allow to pour ourselves into future projects with the aim of creating fresher, deeper gameplay experiences." Let's just hope the studios next game can both avoid controversy and emulate Ravenwood Fair's success.

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