Sling a few pies in Pizza World on Facebook

While there are plenty of restaurant-themed games on Facebook, and even a few that offer specialty cooking (like Baking Life), it's not everyday that you come across a game focused solely on pizzas. Pizza World caught our eye, and while the game is far from perfect, it does seem to have a solid enough gameplay scheme to bring in those players who want another game allowing them to spend some time in a virtual kitchen.

Pizza World begins with a basic tutorial, where you'll learn that the "World" in Pizza World really means something - you'll be placed in control of multiple pizzerias, located in different countries all over the world. While you'll eventually be able to claim land in all of these spots, your first pizzeria is placed in your choice of: New York City, Paris, Tokyo, or Cairo. You'll unlock the rest of these locations, along with a few others in Asia, Africa, and even in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a ship!

Depending on where your pizza shop is located, you'll have access to a variety of themed decorations with which to outfit your cafe, but the main gameplay mechanics remain unchanged regardless of your location. You'll be able to make different varieties of pizzas, serve them to your customers for profit and then continue the cycle, as you'd expect from any Facebook game. Meet us behind the break for how the rest of Pizza World stacks up.

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