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While there are plenty of restaurant-themed games on Facebook, and even a few that offer specialty cooking (like Baking Life), it's not everyday that you come across a game focused solely on pizzas. Pizza World caught our eye, and while the game is far from perfect, it does seem to have a solid enough gameplay scheme to bring in those players who want another game allowing them to spend some time in a virtual kitchen.

Pizza World begins with a basic tutorial, where you'll learn that the "World" in Pizza World really means something - you'll be placed in control of multiple pizzerias, located in different countries all over the world. While you'll eventually be able to claim land in all of these spots, your first pizzeria is placed in your choice of: New York City, Paris, Tokyo, or Cairo. You'll unlock the rest of these locations, along with a few others in Asia, Africa, and even in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a ship!

Depending on where your pizza shop is located, you'll have access to a variety of themed decorations with which to outfit your cafe, but the main gameplay mechanics remain unchanged regardless of your location. You'll be able to make different varieties of pizzas, serve them to your customers for profit and then continue the cycle, as you'd expect from any Facebook game. Meet us behind the break for how the rest of Pizza World stacks up.
The main business mechanic in Pizza World is very similar to that of Restaurant City - your pizza shops will only be open so long as you want them to be. You must pay a particular amount of coins to open the shop (with shifts being available for just a few minutes, or even a matter of a few hours or more). The longer your shops stay open, obviously the more profit you'll be able to earn.

You'll start with a single variety of pizza - the Veggie Pizza, but you'll be able to add more varieties to your menu as you play the game, using ingredients that your friends can send you. Bacon and Cheese, for instance, would unlock the "Bacon Pizza," that you can create and then add to your menu. You'll even be able to create your own kinds of pizza, using a variety of free, standard ingredients placed along the edges of this "pizza creation" screen. Unfortunately, these pizzas can only be shared with your friends, which is an odd choice. Of course, you can always work around this if you're willing to ask your friends to create a very specific kind of pizza that you'd like to have on your own menu and then have them send it to you.

And what's a great pizza shop without a delivery service? You'll be able to purchase vehicles (starting with a bicycle), and you'll be able to fulfill guest delivery orders by clicking on the vehicle, and then clicking on the particular pizza that they ordered This will take you back to the pizza creation screen, where you will manually have to create the matching pizza (using a picture as a reference) in order to deliver it to the hungry customer. You're timed as you create the pizza, and are later given a tip (in coins) based on how accurate your were with your copy of the picture.

As you have more friends playing the game with you, you can hire these friends to be your staff - your janitor, chef and so on. This reduces the cost of starting a shift at your pizzeria(s). You can also customize each individual pizza shop with different items that can either be purchased from the store for coins, or built using a variety of building materials (these building materials can either be purchase in-game for Facebook Credits, or sent between friends for free as free gifts). The first item you'll create, for example, is the Water Dispenser. These kinds of items collect coins overtime that add slightly to your overall profit. More intricate items like a Slot Machine are also available, with said slot machine actually allowing you to gamble some of your in-game coins in a true-to-life slot machine mini-game of sorts.

After you've completed a certain number of in-game tasks, you'll start to unlock trophies, or achievements, representing your accomplishments. However, these trophies aren't necessarily described in the greatest way, so it might be a bit confusing as to how to earn them. Additionally, the entire game suffers from some slight English translation issues, so keep that in mind / be prepared for it.

Pizza World isn't your perfect Facebook game by any stretch, but I can definitely see the appeal to those diehard pizza fans out there. It might even make you hungry to go grab a slice of your own.

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