Playfish infographic shows off its numbers and has some fun

Playfish in Numbers
Playfish in Numbers

Ever wondered how many social gamers it would take to fill, say, England? Probably not, but according to Playfish, its entire player base of 55 million could fill the country with some overflowing into the English Channel and surrounding ocean. The social game developer recently released a neat infographic, titled "Playfish in Numbers." It reveals some entertaining factoids surrounding the metrics it has measured across its games including Pet Society, Restaurant City and Madden NFL Superstars.

For instance, Playfish claims that Madden NFL Superstars' 2.2 million quarterbacks (teams created) could roughly fill Houston, Texas. (That's entirely too much testosterone for one city to handle.) There are plenty more facts like these in the image that spans several mouse scrolls, but they're largely just to brag--and rightfully so--with interesting did-you-know facts. Come to think of it, this bears a striking resemblance to the informative infographic LOLapps recently published surrounding Ravenwood Fair. (Now, why hasn't Zynga published one of these?)

Find the full infographic behind the break.