Pirates Saga on Facebook: Cutthroat PvP piracy is not for the weak

Pirates Saga on Facebook
Pirates Saga on Facebook

There seems to be an interesting fascination with pirates on Facebook and in Facebook games. Players flocked to Pirates Ahoy! by Playfish before it all but died and now many reside in Mighty Pirates by CrowdStar. But Can't Stop Games wants in on the peg-legged action and has released Pirates Saga, its very own take on the pirate phenomenon. So, how is it different than other pirate games?

Well for starters, Pirates Saga is 100 percent real time gameplay, which includes other players. The game features a combat system that sometimes occurs regardless of whether you're ready. While this sounds like a load of fun--which it is--it also has its shortcomings.

Find our full impressions of Pirates Saga behind the cut.

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