Pirates Saga on Facebook: Cutthroat PvP piracy is not for the weak

Pirates Saga on Facebook
There seems to be an interesting fascination with pirates on Facebook and in Facebook games. Players flocked to Pirates Ahoy! by Playfish before it all but died and now many reside in Mighty Pirates by CrowdStar. But Can't Stop Games wants in on the peg-legged action and has released Pirates Saga, its very own take on the pirate phenomenon. So, how is it different than other pirate games?

Well for starters, Pirates Saga is 100 percent real time gameplay, which includes other players. The game features a combat system that sometimes occurs regardless of whether you're ready. While this sounds like a load of fun--which it is--it also has its shortcomings.

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Combat in Pirates Saga
In Pirates Saga, you're the captain of a ship reclaimed by the evil pirate Blackbeard after he killed your father in cold blood and left you prisoner aboard his ship. As soon as you escape, it's time to teach his raiders a lesson and find the treasure of Eldorado. The world of Pirates Saga is displayed isometrically in pseudo-3D as if it were on a map (literally), a nice touch for the artsy folks. Players are in constant control of their ship and will likely never touch down on land. Combat, exploration, everything is done from your vessel, which essentially serves as your avatar. As you progress in the game, you will be able to upgrade your crew members, which affect different skills like fishing, cannons and gathering. Not to mention that your ship can be upgraded as well through purchases using Gold and other salvaged materials.

The game's main method for progression is quests, somewhat of a staple in Facebook games now. These tasks will guide you along, offer bonus experience points and materials as well as add purpose to your overall journey. They will lead you into gathering resources from floating debris, collect fish from Hatcheries and put a dent into Blackbeard's fleet along the way. It should be mentioned that while everything in the game occurs in real time, you do have a finite amount of Energy that refills over time (another staple of Facebook games). Fortunately, combat does not consume Energy, but it will take chips from your ship's health that also regenerates over time.

World Map
While combating enemy ships, an action bar will appear with a customizable list of actions including your standard cannon shot, specialty shots that cost Gleemers (the game's paid currency) and miscellaneous items like health potions. Clicking one action will cause it to repeat indefinitely every few seconds until another action is chosen or you sail out of range from the enemy. But beware, other ships and players can attack you while you're in the middle of a fight, which some will see as a worthy challenge while others will see as a bother.

And as expansive, inventive and refreshingly entertaining as Pirates Saga is, this will be the game's most divisive feature. Although realistic, sailing into uncharted waters and far from island cities puts you at risk of attack from several enemies at all times. Sure, it's a fun challenge, but being preyed on by more experienced players or coming back to the game from making a sandwich only to find that your ship was sunk by a patrolling raider ship becomes tiresome.

Exploring in Pirates Saga
This cutthroat style of gameplay sure is true to what this time in history might have been like, but it also makes for quite a hardcore Facebook game. Not to mention that because everything occurs in real time (as well as how beautiful the game looks), Pirates Saga is a resource hog like none other. In short, Pirates Saga is one helluva Facebook game, but tread lightly for both your own casual enjoyment's (and your computer's) sake.

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