'Million Dollar Listing' Agent: Celebs Just Like Us (Sort Of)


The reality TV show Million Dollar Listing is obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and real-estate-savvy. Josh Altman is the most recent real estate agent to join the Bravo program's cast. Laura Fenton of our sister site, ShelterPop.com, interviewed Altman about the real estate needs and desires of his celebrity clients.

Real estate: It's one of those topics that anyone can talk about, but Josh Altman, the latest addition to the cast of BRAVO's "Million Dollar Listing," canreallytalk real estate. Altman, who was recruited to join the show for his A-list clientele, including Kim Kardashian, rapper Eve and football pro Reggie Bush, has helped clients buy and sell dozens of million dollar listings. In fact, he's sold eight of his personal houses in six years!

ShelterPop caught up with Josh Altman to ask him if it's true: When it comes to real estate, are celebrities just like us? Turns out, the answer is both yes and no:

They're just like us!

The firm matters.Whether you're shopping for a one bedroom in Cleveland or a $20 million dollar manse in the Hollywood Hills, Altman says the quality and reputation of the real estate firm is critical to your sale. For example, in Altman's line of work, which is super-high-end, it's important for a firm to have listings internationally for prospective foreign buyers.

You have to know your comps.Price is dependent on recent comparable sales in your area. "Look at the comps around your area," says Altman. "If every five bedroom is selling for $3 million and there's a lot of inventory out there, there's no way you're getting $4 million." The same is true at any price point.