How to Save on Your 2011 Cancun Spring Break

cancun spring break

Each year, over 20,000 college students and other young adults flock to Cancun for spring break, and 2011 looks to be another growth year. Cancun has quickly become one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, and is in the running to be the premier spring break port of call. But popular and inexpensive don't always mix (that's supply-and-demand for you) so stick here as we tell you how to save on your 2011 Cancun spring break.
Cancun Spring Break: Before You Go

You might think with spring break right around the corner that it's impossible to get any last minute deals to Cancun. Not so. If you're supremely budget-minded and don't mind staying flexible, check out last minute airfare or even a last minute cruise. AOL's Terry Ward has a great article on how to capitalize on those last minute travel deals. It's geared towards the holidays but much of her advice still applies whenever and wherever you travel.

Beyond that, student discounts and group travel are good options. You could also consolidate your expenses by booking an all-inclusive resort (of which there are many in Cancun), or taking advantage of deals that offer at least all-you-can-drink enticements. Those options, however, are only as cost-effective as your peace of mind is important and your appetite (and um, alcohol tolerance) is expansive.

Cancun Spring Break: When You Get There

Just in case non-stop partying isn't your thing, or you want to do something during the day besides tanning (the sun is always, we should note, free), you can score some nice group and individual specials on excursions to Mayan ruins, snorkeling in Xcaret, or taking ATV tours along the coastline. Sites like Viator and Cancun Discounts will help you find your way.

Drink specials will abound, especially in the hotel zone, with big-name and big-party establishments like Señor Frog's and Pat O'Brien's reeling in huge crowds. It's a great place to meet other Cancun Spring Breakers if you're of the clubbing persuasion.

But beyond what you eat and where you party, it behooves the savvy Cancun spring break vacationer to heed basic travel safety advice, especially if you plan on being slightly impaired for any of that time. Partying is fun, but it makes you vulnerable: always travel in groups whenever possible, and especially at night, and always make sure your money is secure somewhere it can't be easily taken. That may sound more like common sense than traditional "savings," but it's the kind of "forewarned, forearmed" cautionary advice that's good to keep in mind before you get swept up in Cancun's many creature comforts.

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