FrontierVille: You can now store or sell the New Year's Dance Floor


Now that the New Year's celebration has finally come to a conclusion in FrontierVille, and all of your party goers have, well... gone, you might be wondering what exactly should do with this massive item, that no longer serves any purpose.

At first, users were not able to store or sell the Dance Floor (a real concern, as it is a massive item taking up a lot of needed space), but luckily, with the conclusion of the New Year's party in the game, Zynga has added both of these abilities to the table. If you choose to store the Dance Floor, you can pull it back out at any time, to see it in the same state of disarray that it currently is in. Unfortunately, putting the Dance Floor away and then dragging it back out of storage won't make the game's characters start dancing again.

The other obvious choice would be to sell the table, and you're promised some loot if you choose to sell it. The Dance Floor can be sold just as any other item - simply click on the Arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the sell tool and then click on the Dance Floor. You'll receive 500 coins outright, along with some experience points, and you'll also receive some bonus items when selling the item - items from the Winter Collection, for instance. If you're looking at getting your hands on some more Winter Bears, this might be a pretty smart way to do it, as it would allow you a few extra collection items, without being forced to chop down your trees to receive them.

The third option is, of course, to simply keep the item in its current state, but whether or not you see the point in that will be up to you. It's not like Zynga to reuse these sorts of items, and we'd highly expect an entirely new New Years item to be released come this December. Besides, even if they decided to make another Dance Floor in the game, you'd be able to build it from scratch then, and would be able to have all of that free space on your Homestead in the meantime.

What do you plan on doing with your New Year's Dance Floor? Have you sold or stored the item already? Let us know in the comments.