FrontierVille: Greenhouse [still] coming soon?

Way back in August of 2010, FrontierVille players started being shown a pop-up about a FrontierVille greenhouse when attempting to place a tree or tree-like item into their Storage Shed. The pop-up is pictured here, and says simply "That needs to be in a greenhouse - coming soon!"

Of course, that was back in August, and a greenhouse still clearly hasn't been released in the game, but it appears as though Zynga is still planning on doing so. This assumption comes with the Partridge in a Pear tree reward that was given away as a final prize for the 12 Days of Christmas missions. When trying to store said tree, some users are once again getting the above pop-up, saying that a Greenhouse is still coming to the game "soon."

The problem here isn't in whether or not the Greenhouse is exactly time-period friendly (leaning towards "not"), but in how relative a term "soon" seems to be in the world of Zynga development teams. After all, we've had four different directional signs (unremovable signs, might I add) placed on our Homesteads since the game first launched - one leading to the Oregon Trail, Buffalo Range, Rattlesnake Canyon, and Gold Rush - and all of these have said "coming soon" on them as well since day one (and they still do!).

That being the case, this seems to be another instance where we have a general idea of what might be coming to FrontierVille in the future, but have no way of knowing exactly when said events will happen.

Will the FrontierVille greenhouse ever see the light of day? Do you think it will do anything other than storing trees? Let us know what you'd want from an in-game greenhouse in the comments.