FarmVille: Avatar scarves are unremovable - buyer beware! [UPDATE]


Last week, Zynga released a series of FarmVille Winter Wonderland avatar accessories in the form of different colored scarves. These scarves are a bargain, at only 1 Farm Cash per scarf however, they come with a pretty big glitch - you can't take them off.

That's right, as of this writing, if you purchase and equip (wear) a scarf on your FarmVille avatar, it will be stuck there, as of now permanently, or until Zynga decides to fix the glitch. Normally, you'd see a "Take Off" button underneath any particular item you are wearing from your inventory. That button simply doesn't exist here.

There's also a reset button underneath the preview of your avatar, that is supposed to remove all of these accessory items, but pressing this does nothing. You can try changing your other clothing items - even putting on full costumes and outfits - doing this will either result in your avatar being stripped to his/her skivvies (with no hair), or the scarf will simply be worn on the outside of the costume. My avatar is currently stuck in a scarf, so believe me when I say - you can't take them off. Sure, if you like the look of the scarf, then you have no problem here, but for those that are more picky about their in-game fashion, this is something to be concerned with.

It's presumable that in the next FarmVille update, Zynga will push through a patch adding the "Take Off" button to scarves, but for now, if you've yet to purchase one, and don't want to be stuck wearing one for the foreseeable future, it's best to save your Farm Cash.

[Update]: Zynga has pushed through an update that has added the "Take off" button to the scarves. You may resume your shopping as normal.

If your avatar stuck in a Scarf? Are you annoyed that you can't take it off, or does it simply not bother you? Let us know in the comments.

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